(2) Create a wallet

Setting up a Wallet in BitcartCC

Inside BitcartCC, you can setup and manage an unlimited number of wallets. Each wallet has its own xpub (BTC-based blockchains) or a single wallet address (ETH-based blockchains), and currency. One wallet holds one currency.
BitcartCC is a non-custodial software, which means that all the funds received to your store, will end up directly into your connected wallet.
You need to have your blockchain wallets created beforehand to specify their details in BitcartCC! (more on this below)

Creating a wallet for Bitcoin-based blockchains (BTC)

Note: A private key (xprv) is never required for receiving money on-chain to a BitcartCC wallet. The software needs a public key (xpubkey) which is a watch-only wallet token. The xpubkey allows BitcartCC to generate a new address each time a new invoice is generated. It enables users to observe the wallet balance and transactions without having to share their private key.
To manage the funds received to your BitcartCC wallet, you can use an external wallet.
We recommend that you use the wallet which:
  1. 1.
    Allows connection to a full node
  2. 2.
    Allows custom gap limit
The most recommended wallet for use with BitcartCC is the Electrum wallet, as BitcartCC uses electrum internally, which makes it perfectly integrated.

Creating a wallet for ETH-based blockchains (ETH, BSC)

You can use any ETH-compatible wallets (e.g. MetaMask, or Mycellium) to create your ETH or BSC wallets. Copy-paste your wallet address from wallet software to BitcartCC into "Wallet / Xpub" input.

Setup your wallets in BitcartCC

To setup wallets, make sure you're logged in into your account, and go to > Wallets by clicking Details button on the card. Click on the create wallet button and fill in the wallet name, currency(optional, default btc) and xpub (or wallet address for ETH-based blockchains).
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